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8 Million to One is a 3 song EP recorded, mixed, and mastered by Sean Glonek at SRG Studios in New Jersey. It is the first release since the October 2016 full-length album Girls' Boyfriends, and it's the predecessor to a follow up LP by Roy Orbitron. This record features Conor Meara on guitar, bass, and vocals; Noah Baum on violin; Patrick Meyer on drums; and Sean Hur (Ruby the Hatchet) on Farfisa/synth.

Each copy is $20 - black vinyl with full-color shrink-wrapped semi-gloss jacket showcasing artwork by Tommaso Eppesteingher and graphic design by Steve Sachs. Your pledge of $20 or multiple thereof will get you a copy or multiple thereof.

Any $ amount above $20 you pledge per album will be donated to City of Angels, Inc. - on the frontlines of the New Jersey opioid epidemic.

In Solidarity,

Conor Gerard Meara

d/b/a Roy Orbitron



1. Love Die Hard
2. Never Seen Central Park
3. Domestic Use (Oh, Nettie!)
4. Brimstone Suckers
5. Swimmer's Ear
6. Condoms in My Leather Jacket
7. Rain Jawn
8. Swallow
9. Fuck College
10. Diddley Tree
11. Pastoral


1. Make Enemies
2. Brimstone Suckers
3. Copacetic
4. Navajo Juggalos
5. Black Fox Farm
6. Doctor, Take My #
7. Patoral


1. Inuit
2. Swimmer's Ear
3. Foghorn


1. Jersey Sliz
2. Must See TV
3. Rain Jawn
4. Halfway
5. Fuck College
6. Tomato
7. The Use


1. Canary
2. Love Die Hard
3. Diddley Tree
4. Dead Birds
5. Sweetly
6. Veterans Park
7. For Emily

1. Oh Me, Oh My...
2. Lost Rhino
3. Head High
4. LBI
5. Swallow
6. Black Fox Farm
7. Fuck College

1. Butter Blonde
2. Eating Out
4. Doctor, Take My #
5. Chickenheart
6. Light Off
7. The Kinda Girl It's Okay to Hit (with Your Car)