8,000,000 : 1

squirrels in the yard are jumpin tree to tree
while dogs like us we get distracted by the fleas
you make me feel like i am underneath
the bleachers you in your sneakers and the hot-eared teachers and the manicured green

look at all these stars
the highway's not too far
i'll try my best but new york girls are so hard to impress
oh 8 million to 1 and everybody walks like they're someone

tellin em off is such an easy way to play
and rising above that it gets harder every day
learnin your facts yeah that don't matter anyway
so pen your hot take and just throw it all away all away

but you you walk to me

gonna have to wait a week
trouble now gettin to sleep
it's cold underneath the sheets
but love is easy
sometimes wishin you were here
mostly wishin i was there
give you all i got to share and love is easy
8 million to 1
8 million to 1

Conor Meara

guitar slinger