George Harrison EP Vinyl Split with Huge Pupils


George Harrison EP Vinyl Split with Huge Pupils


Side A: Roy Orbitron's George Harrison EP, Side B: Huge Pupils' Split EP. Limited Edition of 300.

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For the Roy Orbitron side:

Conor Meara [Trenton, NJ]: Electric (1-7) & Acoustic (3,4) Guitars, Organ (3), Bass Guitar (4), Piano (4), Songs (1-7), Words (1-6) & Voice (1-6) 
Dan Jefferson [Ringoes, NJ]: Drum Set (1-7) 
Paul Hewes [Media, PA]: Bass Guitar (1-7) 
Curtis Reejin [Newtown, PA]: Piano (2-7) 
Joe Plourde [Brooklyn, NYC]: Electric Guitar (1,2,7) 
Alec Gabin [Los Angeles, CA]: Rhodes Piano (1,2,5) 
Noah Baum [Pittsburgh, PA]: Violin (2-6) 
David Hallinger [Newtown, PA]: Electric Guitar (2,4,5,7) 
Dina Mild [Moscow, RU]: Voice & Words (7) 
Josh Phillips [Drexel Hill, PA]: Voice (2) 
John Lehmann [Pittsburgh, PA]: Voice (5) 
Dawn Foster & Heidi Le [Northern NJ]: Voices (4) 
Chris Parsons [Media, PA]: Saxophone (3) 
Al Rosenkranz [Trenton, NJ]: Telephone Call (5) 

Drum set recorded by Marc Critelli in Dan's basement. Joe, Alec, Dina, and Chris recorded themselves. Al spoke into his cell phone. Everything else recorded at home or on location by Conor. Mixed by Conor. Mastered by Paul Gold at Salt Mastering.