Girls' Boyfriends - Credits

Girls' Boyfriends was recorded in 2015/16 by Joe Plourde at Retromedia Sound Studios in Red Bank, New Jersey + at home in the Carriage House, as well as at other peoples' homes. Mixed & mastered by Christopher Colbert in Eugene and Cottage Grove, Oregon, with Conor present for mixing along with Mo Talaba's spiritual guidance.

All songs written by Conor Meara, who also played guitar, piano, organ, bass guitar, and sang. Patrick Meyer played drums on all the songs except for "Swallow"... Dan Jefferson hit the kit on that one. Patrick also sang backups on "Pastoral". Noah Baum played all the violin. Ricardo Lorenzo played bass guitar on some tracks, Wilbo Wright played upright bass, and Paul Hewes played bass guitar on "Swallow". Cynthia Rittenbach sang harmonies, Alec Gabin played Rhodes on two songs, and Dave Hallinger played one of the guitars on "Rain Jawn". Andy Elmaleh added guitar on "Diddley Tree" and "Swimmer's Ear". Curtis Regian played piano on "Fuck College". The interview (track 6 on digital and CD versions) was conducted by Steve Sachs for Carriage House TV.

Photos of Conor and Nettie R. Harris (blue) shot by Matt Ryan in New Orleans. Photo of Conor and Maggy (yellow) shot by Liz Harlan in New York City. Roy Orbitron logo by Ian Everett a.k.a. Glass Pope.

Big thanks to everyone who's supported Roy and put up with the noise.