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Local band teams up with City of Angels to help battle drug and alcohol abuse - The Trentonian


"Conor is tireless in helping a lot of New Jersey bands get exposure and supporting him in this project is a great way to show that is appreciated." - You Don't Know Jersey


"...take some of the familiar sounds of rock and roll and twist or tweak them into something a little more interesting. The band have done that through four EPs already, and they seem primed for a full-length. - CoolDad Music


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Roy Orbitron Release Outstanding ‘Elston Allen Gunnn’ – Review & Interview - You Don't Know Jersey


"the band from New Jersey may not be a huge name in music (yet), but their latest album is one you’re definitely going to want in your collection this spring." - Honors Lounge



"some of the best lyrics I’ve heard on the local level" - RADIO STATIC PHILLY


"this band has something about their aura, about the way their expound their language for all to hear." - Speak Into My Good Eye


"rollicking old time-y revivals and more antics." - Impose Magazine


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"waking up on the cold pavement that is real early adult life, existentialism, angst, and irony all play into Roy Orbitron's latest effort, which may serve as the Wilbury-line opus." - Speak Into My Good Eye's Best of 2014 - Get to Know New Jersey’s Roy Orbitron


"recreational drugs may or may not have been used in the recording of this music, but they will definitely help your appreciation of it. And that’s a compliment." - Jim Testa, Jersey Beat


"Rain Jawn made me cry once." - Skitch Walsh's Best of 2014


"Meara has always been a fan of the intensely layered lo-fi sound that evokes mental images of hipsters in leather jackets, but he also loves kicking that music in the ass and warping it to fit the boundaries of something you can call ‘rock n roll’ without a hint of jest." - JKB3


"think the middle ground between the swampy panhandle of Florida and hell’s fourth ring." - CityPaper


Rain Jawn jumps in with lo-fi tape croonings, rolling over with Must See TV, mashing through the fast paced Jersey Sliz, to the echo-craft call of Halfway, and drop-out anthem Fuck College. Skipping school and cutting class, the Roy rock keeps the lights on with Tomato, before leaving you in the mood of modern oddities on The Use.” - Impose Magazine (Interview)


"early contender for song title of the year, Jersey Sliz shouts out the classy ladies of the night with surf backing vocals and a QOTSA run through of ‘your cocaine, xanax, percocets, molly, amphetamine’. Halfway through Jeffrey Lynne comes Halfway, a quick up and down rock romp that calls out a faraway love that literally won’t meet… well you know.” - Speak Into My Good Eye


"the keyboardist is dangling a cigarette from his persistent smile, and the bassist is plucking furiously at an upright with his eyes fixed desperately on reams of sheet music on a stand that looks like it’s intended to be used by a first-grade orchestra.  Between songs, he proclaims wildly to the crowd, ‘I’ve never played upright bass before!’" - Honors Lounge


“I was surprised by the masterful way his music was layered when I first listened; freaky keyboard and synth sounds mix with powerful guitar riffs, muted by fuzzy effects and pedals, with upbeat drumming and incoherent punk vocals and feedback.” - North Jersey Music


Jeffrey Lynne is the moodiest album we’ve gotten from Roy Orbitron thus far. It’s full of flavor, lyricism, brutal honesty, a little bit of angst, and plenty of soul.” - The Tasteless Tulsan


"Roy Orbitron is another one of my favorites. Conor Meara is another guy that is constantly working on recordings and one of the most hardworking musicians I’ve met. He has a really unique sound and I respect his aesthetic and determination.” - Tribal Days interview with AXS


"breathes new life into a genre that, unfortunately, a lot today’s younger generation don’t really know much about." - The Daily Slice


“Ecos Post-Folkies o Post Rock & Roll, según sus propios términos en este 'disco tributo' a uno de esos personajes que pululan por la música componiendo, produciendo y colaborando con infinidad de artistas.” - The JangleBox


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"a blue-collar papa with a Bruce Springsteen fetish bordering on bad mental health." - Discharge


"I’m a huge fan of this back-woodsy adventure. Take your time with this record — it’s definitely worth a good listen." - Underland NY


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"sounds like: Ween splitting a diner tab with Springsteen." - The Tropical Yeti


"your head rush mildly abates with bluesy guitars, droopy eyelids roll along with the droning words, time melting off your mind, cynical dry mouth and whistling backdrop motivating your quickening steps home." - Underland NY


"freakin’ drinking songs" - Reed Stepp


"the hazy atmosphere of a smoke-filled room" - Half-Gifts